As a new or small business your brand image is really important. A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person and when you’re a sole trader or small business then your reputation means everything.

Thankfully inconsistent branding isn’t as common as it used to be however there are still many cases where companies just don’t have, or adhere to, brand guidelines.

From the way employees answer the phone to the way you promote yourself within a multi-media campaign – it is vital that you have consistency across all touch points to create a strong and engaging brand image.

Your visual identity will be how the majority of people associate with the brand so your guidelines must be specific, simple and clear, and ensure that anyone who is working on your marketing adheres to exactly the same rules.

Brand guidelines allow you to manage how your brand is represented on a daily basis by your company and third parties alike, so it remains consistent and the tone of voice and visual identity do not become disjointed.

I recently undertook an exercise and looked at a variety of photo booth businesses (seven to be exact but they shall all remain anonymous), and completed the following 5-point checklist…

  • Does the company have a logo?
  • Does the company have consistent colours on their media channels?
  • Is the logo on the website the same one used on their social media channels?
  • Does the company have a consistent photography style?
  • Does the company have consistent type-faces (also known as fonts)?

During this short exercise, I found that 4 of the businesses (chosen completely at random), were using different colours, logos, type faces and even the tone of voice varied (the way you talk to someone, e.g. informal/formal, friendly, informative). One company even had three variations of their logo of which one of them had a completely different strapline never seen before.

How will a strong brand affect your photo booth business? Here are a few stats that might encourage you to ensure your branding is consistent!

  • 90% of consumers expect that their experience with a brand will be similar across all platforms and devices. They expect a seamless transition between web and device-native applications through color, flow, and overall quality.
  • First impressions are incredibly important to develop loyalty; 48% of consumers report that they are more likely to become loyal to a brand during the first purchase or experience.
  • 91% of consumers said that they are more likely to buy from an authentic brand than from a dishonest brand. But, it’s still important to understand what your specific target demographic values as honesty, because this perception changes between generations.
  • The right color can improve readership by 40% by making messaging easier to read and more visually appealing. Color is one of the first things our brains perceive from a brand, so it’s often the first thing that pulls us in.
  • It only takes consumers 10 seconds to form a first impression of a brand’s logo, but it takes 5-7 impressions for consumers to recognize the logo.
  • Our brains process images 60,000 times faster than we process words. That’s why so many companies choose to include a glyph or visual in their logo.
  • Color is a huge factor of brand recognition. A signature color can increase brand recognition by 80% (like the Starbucks green).
  • 33% of the top 100 brands use the color blue in their logo. The color blue is said to relate to one on one communication and personalized messaging, which helps customers feel more personally connected to the logo.

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