It wouldn’t come as a shock to most people in the wedding and events industry to announce that couples are shying away from traditional wedding venues in choice of more quirky venues that offer irreplaceable experiences rather than convention.

With more than 252,000 weddings taking place in the UK last year (2017), the demand for a unique venue has meant that the amount of venues registered to hold marriage ceremonies has almost doubled in the last five years.

The telegraph reported that a “quarter of Britons marrying now want to book more exotic venues such as sports arenas, racecourses, zoos, farms and even railway stations.”

A rustic barn wedding seems to be the leading unusual venue for most brides in 2017 with most of these being booked up through to 2019.

The North Yorkshire Moors Railway, which is featuring on a Channel 5 TV “fly on the wall” documentary this spring, has revealed it has 20 weddings already booked for this year.

Chris Price, General Manager at NYMR, said: “There is a definite move away from the ‘off the shelf’ conventional weddings that are the same for everyone. Brides and grooms want the day to be relaxed and reflect who they are. It’s all about having a fun and unique experience that suits them.”

So, the big question for the photo entertainment industry is how will these trends affect the photo entertainment industry over the coming years?

The truth is, the photo entertainment industry has seen a huge change in the previous few years too so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who has invested in it.

The shift in consumer behaviour and trends has seen an increase in people wanting to capture unique memories and they are doing so through events that offer experiences. Gone are the days when wedding breakfasts were cut-and-dry with elderly relatives falling asleep in the corner. No, we’ve now introduced singing waiters, Table Selfies, confessional video booths, green screen take-overs and DIY décor.

In order to keep your photo booth business in demand, it’s now more important than ever to sell experiences over the products themselves. Looking for ways to improve guest interaction such as green screen backgrounds, video diaries even Magic Mirrors are still relatively new to most people! Expanding your product range, adding to what you currently have or upgrading your booth skins or technology can only benefit your business and give your guests something to wow over.

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