What is a template?

template noun [ C ] uk ​ /ˈtem.pleɪt/ us ​ /ˈtem.pleɪt/ a pattern made of metal, plastic, or paper, used for making many copies of a shape or to help cut material accurately.

In terms of templates for photo booth prints the template is a digital cut out or pattern that is designed in such a way that the apertures or openings in the top layer of the template (sometimes known as an overlay) are the correct size for viewing the booth photos.  This means the openings have to be created at the same aspect ratio as the booth software uses for the images i.e. in line with the 6 x 4 photo size of 2592 pixels x 1728 pixels.  The template also has to be created with a resolution of 72 dpi in order to work with the Photo Booth Pro software.  A hard copy example would be something like those photo cards you can buy which have an opening at the front in which you can insert your photo.  That front top layer is like the overlay part of the template with your photo then slotted in place which a choice of designs around it.  Designing your own templates can be something of a fiddly process initially.  I have now made so many that it is almost second nature.

This is an example of a wedding template design when it is open in Photoshop as a PNG file which is the type required for the Photo Booth Pro Software.  Basically, it is just an overlay which when programmed into the system will show the 3 photos taken during the photo booth shots.

Once you have a png file set up to use as a template, it needs to be imported into the software and you need to programme it in with the required dimensions and. In other words, tell it what size the photos need to be and where within the 6 x 4 frame they need to go to be seen through the openings.  These settings are provided with any templates purchased.

Why use a template?

No-one has to use templates, and there are many occasions when you or your customers may just want a simple 6 x 4 photograph.  I normally advise customers that they may wish to consider using a fairly plain background if they want a template, and against using the green screen and a template with several openings as this becomes too cluttered.  There are also ways of doing something in between such as just adding your logo, contact details or the logo of a venue etc.  Everyone will have different reasons for using a template – here are mine:

  • My business USP is all about a personalized, individual service for customers and having a template with their names, celebration details, date etc. are a part of that service.
  • If the event has a theme, I will always provide a personalized template that matches the theme. For example, I have a wedding in September that is ‘Mad Hatter Tea party’ themed so I’ve gone a bundle on designing something that links in with their invitation design and has that bespoke theme to it as well.
  • I like to use fabric backdrops in many instances and will ensure that the template and backdrop will work well together and not compete for attention.
  • Customers feel you are really interested in their event and how it is personal to them, if you can offer to either give them some template options to choose from, or design your own specifically for them.
  • I love creating and I get satisfaction from seeing people’s reaction when they get their print to keep as a reminder of the event.
  • It can also be a way of using less ink and paper! For example, rather than doing double prints if your customers want a guest book, if you do the 3-strip prints you can simply give them one, and use one in the book without having the cost of double prints.

Initially I started creating my own templates due to the excessive cost of those for sale on the internet.  However, once I found how much I enjoyed doing it and started to create a whole range of options for my website as examples, I thought I would give a small Etsy shop a go.  There are two types of photo booth owners who may find this useful:

  • Anyone who wants different templates to use but is too busy with their business to make their own and work out all the settings (settings are provided with the purchase).
  • Anyone new or longstanding in the business who doesn’t have the knowledge, software, or interest in doing it themselves.

To find out more or to purchase photo booth templates, visit Pink Penguin Templates on Etsy

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