As experienced photo booth business owners, we know that the bridal market is massive for us and our products but how much thought have you put into approaching the corporate market?

The Event Manager Blog recently listed 12 Achingly Cool Exhibition Stand Ideas to help event managers and businesses increase their footfall, engagement and drive business leads and digital awareness and included photo booths as one of the elements to achieve tihs!

“It’s time to bring the cool factor to exhibition stands and do away with the boring table top and un-enticing shell scheme setups. We need to look for engaging designs and ideas that don’t create a barrier between us and the attendees.” the EventMB team writes.

The UKs exhibition market is huge, with a worth of around £19.2 billion (source: EventBrite) in venue and destination direct spend and provides a strong base for international trade. Exhibitions in the UK attract over 13 million visitors each year with exhibitors spending £2.7 billion on goods and services to demonstrate their product and differentiate their brand. 

So what does Event Manager Blog have to say about having a photo booth on corporate stands?

“Attendees want Insta-worthy content from their exhibitions and trade shows as well as easy ways to share on social media. If you can’t fit a whole photo booth, add giant branded props that guests can hold up with your brand as the backdrop. You could also give out mini, handheld props for attendees to take around with them at the event and create a competition for best photo with the prop! Alternatively, if you have an outside wall of your booth free you could convert this into an exciting setting for photos with a cool scene that relates to your brand.”

Our advice? Widen your market, look at local corporations and businesses who listed as exhibitors for upcoming shows. Talk to them about how your photo booth can provide them with ways to boost visitor engagement – don’t forget to include your USP and explain what makes your business that bit extra special!

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