We’re well and truly in the wedding season and don’t we know it! There are so many new skin designs flying out of our printers this year that we decided to run a little bet internally…well, we then thought it would be an interesting blog to share latest trends with you too!

So, based on the first part of the year (1st Jan 2018 to 5th June 2018 to be precise), the following 10 skins have been the most popular:

  1. Vintage Chalk
  2. Showbiz
    Showbiz Photo Booth
  3. Silver Hearts
  4. Chesterfield (White)
  5. Gold Wedding Rings
  6. Wedding Booth
  7. Black & Gold Damask
  8. Green Camper
    Green VW Campervan Photo Booth Skins
  9. Rustic Love You
  10. Yellow Vintage ‘Step Right Up’

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