With all of the modern advances in photography and technology, it comes as no surprise that one of the most photographed events in the world are introducing more sophisticated photography services like the Table Selfie.

Selfies have become the most popular photo style of the modern era with Instagram reporting more than 330 million photos using the selfie hashtag, and more than 250,000 posts using #weddingselfie.

So it makes sense to introduce a modern photography tool for guests to use during your wedding.

The ultimate selfie service comes in the form of the Table Selfie hire. This easily set up, affordable and most importantly, delightful group of devices that will easily fit in the center of any wedding table, is providing every wedding guest with all manner of highly enjoyable memory making.

Even better, the bride and groom get to a copy of every photo that has been taken, to take home with them after the day to create the ultimate wedding photo album.

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How does the Table Selfie work?

The photographs are taken by a small and unobtrusive camera which guests will link with their smartphones by using a scannable QR code to connect to the device. From hereon, your guests are free to snap away throughout the day and become your unofficial photographers!

Your new photographers have complete control by using their smartphone to activate the countdown timer and then edit, add filters and print or save the final photos.

The Table Selfie is best placed in the centre of a table, where it can then easily rotate by manually spinning the headpiece which holds the camera. Such a device works best with circular tables (which is the most common type of table at a wedding).

table selfie wedding centrepiece

table selfie wedding centerpiece

This ensures that every guest is equally proportioned and photographed, and no one is left out. Such a service is only properly enjoyed and appreciated when everyone can be included. Just make sure not to hog the Table Selfie, especially if you are the type of person that takes a long time to create “the perfect selfie”.

Never miss a moment

The Table Selfie has a large storage space so it can save hundreds of photographs taken throughout the wedding day, which can be accessed at any stage. You can also have the wedding photographs printed to a nearby printer onto personalised, 6×4 frames, for instant photo prints.

A Personalized Experience – Matching the Decor

While the Table Selfie is a unique and awesome service, you obviously want to make sure that such devices match well with your overall theme and avoid any design clashes. With this in mind, Photobooths have ensured the product can be personalised both on the table and on prints, with a flat center surface for your own centrepieces to sit. So don’t worry – while the Table Selfie devices are small and unobtrusive, they can be easily modified and added into your wedding décor.

Your wedding will be all the more awesome and special with the inclusion of such a wonderful service, which your guests will love!

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