Bookings are the essence of our business but before you jump in and get every enquiry into the diary, we’ve compiled a short checklist that you should ask your customers beforehand:

  1. Is the date 100% confirmed?
  2. Does the venue know you’re booking a photo booth / Magic Mirror?
  3. How much space will you have available on the day?
  4. How close are you to plug sockets, and how many will you have access to?
  5. Will you have designated WiFi? If not, what internet access will you have?
  6. How many guests will there be? (If the booking is for a full wedding, make sure you know day and evening numbers)
  7. Does the venue require any health and safety or insurance documentation beforehand?
  8. How long prior to the event will you have to set-up?
  9. What time does the event finish and what time does the venue close? (If these are the same time you’ll need to start packing up early)
  10. If you use all of the prints before the end of the event, is the customer willing to authorise extra charges on the day or will you need to charge customers per print?
  11. Are you able to take promotional material with you, e.g. flyers?
  12. Do they want bespoke extras such as green screen or specific props or skins?

Every booking will be slightly different but the above questions can be applied to the majority of enquiries and can help to relieve unnecessary dramas and stress on the day.

Got any other tips to ask? Leave them in the comments below!

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