A photo booth business is a pretty awesome thing to be a part of. With the same piece of equipment two different owners can manipulate a business to go in two completely different directions. With a little imagination you can change a booth that takes pictures of guests at a wedding, in to a data capturing, brand building, marketing machine. The issue is, with everything you need to do to fulfil even a basic booking. It doesn’t leave much time to imagine, or create for that matter. What if there was a way you could get your time back?

BoothBook is a fully automated Booking system and CRM. It sits on a subdomain of your website and is themed to match the look of your website. The customer journey is seamless and as far as they are aware, this £35k software is a part of your website.

From a customer landing on your website, they can view live availability, choose a suitable service, provide details, check travel fees, apply any coupons you have running, accept terms, sign a contract and make payment either in full or as a deposit depending on how you set it up. Where the customer doesn’t want to complete a booking it will give them the option to email a quote, which will then add them to your lead centre where you can contact the lead to nurture it through to a booking. After booking the customer will have a portal where they can view uploaded artwork, Choose a template from our integrated template providers, add any extras you have on offer and make any payments towards the outstanding balance. This means you are able to sell your service and manage your bookings 24/7 even when you are not there.

Once a booking has been made, BoothBook comes in to its own. You can schedule personalised notifications to send to customers based on the status of the booking. So for example, you could send an email/SMS to any booking which doesn’t currently have a guestbook, 30 days before the event date, offering an unmissable deal on your guestbook. Or you could send an email/SMS to all bookings with an outstanding balance, 14 days before the event, with a link to pay. No longer will you have to look through all of your upcoming bookings and write the same emails over and over.

Now you have a list of bookings, you will need to ensure you have staff to fulfil them. Creating rotas is one of the most tedious tasks in any work environment. With BoothBook each staff member has a profile, with role specific access. They can update their availability, input any holiday, and even request to work specific bookings. When you come to assign staff to a booking, you will have a list of all available staff to choose from. Once assigned it will update their availability and notify them that they have been assigned to a booking. Each staff member can keep track of their bookings with our iOS and Android apps, which shows all of their bookings, what services they have selected and even has a link for directions. When they are travelling to the event, they can allow tracking through their app, so you can have a time stamped location marker for when they set off, arrived and left the event location.

Now you have more bookings coming in, your staffing is taken care of, you can keep an eye on your revenue with our reporting features. When it comes to the end of year you can select a timescale and export financial information by .csv file. We are also integrated with QuickBooks to make your life even easier.

With our pricing structure which is tiered based on the size of your business, BoothBook is affordable for you no matter what stage you are at. With prices starting at £19+VAT per month, BoothBook would only have to save you 2 hours a month to be cost effective. That isn’t taking into consideration any additional bookings it will take for you.

BoothBook does the job of a whole team of people, it gives you your time back, it allows you to be able to focus on the things that will push your business forward and then it deals with the admin you create as a result.

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There really is nothing to lose.


This article was written by Business Hub contributor, Chris Collins, owner of Booth Book and the Photobooth Business Hub does not receive any return of value from orders or enquiries generated through this article.

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